Spacious classrooms are designed carefully taking in account the comfort of the students and to keep the learning process interesting, Audio-visual Aids are used on a regular basis.


The College library plays a decisive role in teaching and learning activities. To keep the students keep up with the challenges in their field of learning a well stocked library which boasts not only of recent publication on subjects of academic interest but also a variety of books, journals and magazines relating to different streams and subjects are maintained. These have helped in the overall development of the students as well as make them stand apart and grow in the society.

X-ray and ECG Laboratory

A well equipped laboratory which has all the latest and relevant equipments is available for the students of the college.

Computer Lab

Today technology has become highly sophisticated and computer has become an integral part of almost all operations. To make our students up to date with the advances in technology and to make the learning process interesting we have developed an up to-date computer lab. We motivate the students to exploit these facilities to its fullest to gain knowledge and technical expertise.

Health Services

To keep both body and mind fit to undertake the challenges of student- life; the college has made provisions to take good care of the health of students. The Moulana Hospital equipped with ultra-modern facilities, has made free medical treatment for the students and at concession for the staff.


The college provides transportation facilities for all the students for their clinical programmes and other activities.


The Moulana College of Paramedical Sciences provides facilities for separate hostel accommodation for girls. The hostels are spacious, safe and secured with a cordial environment. Mess charges, Rent etc are to be paid monthly in advance as per instructions of the College authorities. Those who require accommodation in the Hostel is to note this in the application for admission.


The college canteen in the campus caters healthy and fresh foods at a reasonable price to the students.